Company name

SPARX Asset Trust & Management Co., Ltd.


Shinagawa Season Terrace 6F, 1-2-70 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075 JAPAN

Telephone number

+81-(0)3-6711-9180 (switchboard)


100,000,000 yen

Representative Director & President

Hayato Shimura

Business lines

Real estate fund management operations

Asset management operations for real estate funds

Real estate fund arrangement operations

Licenses and registrations

Financial Instruments Business Operator, Director-General of the Kanto Finance Bureau (Financial Instruments) No. 783

・Investment management business

・Investment advisory and agency business

・Type II financial instruments business

Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Operator, Tokyo Governor (4) No. 86144

General Real Estate Investment Advisory Business (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, No. 149)


Japan Investment Advisors Association

Type II Financial Instruments Firms Association

The Association for Real Estate Securitization (Associate member)

Major business connections

<Financial institutions>

Many of the following: government financial institutions, government investment banks, major city banks, major domestic leasing companies, bank-affiliated leasing companies, domestic securities firms, foreign-affiliated securities firms, foreign-affiliated banks, and regional banks.

<Insurance companies>

Domestic life insurance firms, domestic non-life insurance firms, foreign-affiliated non-life insurance firms, foreign-affiliated life insurance firms

<Asset management>

Many of the following: operating companies for investment corporations, domestic AM companies, American AM companies, European AM companies, companies managing funds for corporate revitalization, companies managing private equity funds


Law firms, tax accounting corporations, certified public accounting firms, judicial scrivener corporations, audit corporations, real estate appraiser firms


M&A consulting firms, companies supporting corporate revitalization

<Public-private corporations>

National and public universities and colleges, hotel operating companies, restaurant chain operating companies, warehouse operating companies, publishing companies, and more

<Real estate>

Many of the following: general construction companies, house manufacturers, real estate development companies, property management companies (PM/BM), real estate brokerage companies

(Honorifics omitted; in random order)


May 2006
Founded as Japan Asset Trust Co., Ltd.
July 2006
License to operate a building lots and buildings transaction business obtained.
July 2006
Operations to provide listing support for investment corporations undertaken on an outsourced basis.
October 2006
Consulting operations for real estate owned by operating companies undertaken on an outsourced basis.
December 2006
Completion of registration for a trust beneficiary rights selling business.
May 2007
Agency operations for trust beneficiary rights undertaken on an outsourced basis.
July 2007
Completion of registration for a negotiable securities investment advisory business.
September 2007
Transition to financial instruments business (type II financial instruments business, investment advisory/agency business).
June 2010
Completion of registration for a comprehensive real estate investment advisory business.
December 2010
Completion of registration for an investment management business.
March 2014
Concluded a stock-exchange agreement with SPARX Group Co., Ltd
April 2014
Name changed to SPARX Asset Trust & Management Co., Ltd.
April 2017
Completion of reregistration for a comprehensive real estate investment advisory business.

A code of conduct for earning trust and respect

We will always strive to achieve bigger goals in an ever-changing environment through our innovation, dedication and flexibility. However, our principles will always be the same. These core principles are represented by what we call the "ARTS Spirit," which all SPARX employees share and understand thoroughly.

The explanation of the "ARTS Spirit" is as follows:

  • AGGRESSIVE We will always act with an aggressive approach, reflecting our belief that bold and decisive actions enable us to make the best decisions with the best information.
  • RESPONSIVE We will always act with speed and precision, reflecting our belief that alertness and agility are the best ways to deal with change.
  • THOROUGH We will always act with discernment and care, reflecting our belief that innovative knowledge is created when one is meticulous and complete.
  • SYMPATHETIC We will always act with sympathy and dignity, reflecting our belief that treating clients and colleagues with empathy, sincerity and respect, which will lead to harmony, goodwill and mutual growth.

Access map

SPARX Asset Trust & Management Co., Ltd.

Shinagawa Season Terrace 6F, 1-2-70 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075 JAPAN

Tel. +81-(0)3-6711-9180 (switchboard)

Transportation access

■JR Shinagawa Station
6 minutes on foot from the Konan Entrance/Exit

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