Since we were founded in 2006, SPARX Asset Trust & Management (SATM) has deployed service for investors as a provider of operational services pertaining to real estate funds. In managing real estate funds with actual real estate and real estate trust beneficiary interests constituting the targets of investment, management must be undertaken in accordance with investment strategies, investment standards, and investment management plans agreed to with investors and that the management firm eliminates conflicts of interest and engages in the appropriate promotion of operations. SPARX Asset Trust & Management (SATM) has a rich track record of establishing funds through the provision of IPO support for anonymous associations, special-purpose companies (SPCs or TMKs in Japanese), and corporate investors, and extensive experience in reviving funds on the brink of collapse. In response to the arrival of an aging society, we began participating in a project to securitize healthcare-related real estate in 2007 and have been promoting the establishment and management of healthcare-related real estate funds tied to homes for senior citizens, hospitals, and other such facilities.

SPARX Asset Trust & Management (SATM) will continue to provide investors and financial institutions with investment opportunities informed by our own unique perspectives, while we seek to predict how the times will change. We will engage in operations with a view to maximizing the results of the management of real estate funds as an ideal investment partner.


  • ・Managing funds through investment management operations and investment advisory operations;
  • ・Studying investment forms for real estate funds;
  • ・Comprehensively carrying out functions in practice for discovering, selecting, and purchasing assets subject to investment;
  • ・Drafting equity offering plans and procuring investments;
  • ・Procuring non-recourse loans.

Flow of steps for establishing a fund

Asset management (fund establishment and management)

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